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Serving you delicious home cooked food since 2018

From our humble beginnings in the CC Eurocentre we brought you our home made English dishes including our famous pasties, sausage rolls and pies before moving to the CC Yumbo where we enjoyed 3 years of serving our customers the best possible food we could!

Now in Bungalows Los Arcos, our new restaurant allows us to focus more on our food with bigger kitchen, better facilities and indoor seating we lacked in the Yumbo.

Bringing new and varied dishes and our fabulous selection of English Products, we are a one stop solution for your needs!


We never have and never will compromise on our quality which is why you wont find frozen chips on our menu with every one being cut by hand, nor will you find frozen burgers, pizzas or other meals, everything is cooked by us using the best available ingredients.

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