Well lots of you know us already, we were originally just the bakery boys but now our team has grown and we now have bakery ladies too. The most obvious thing about all of us though is that we love to look after people. 




We love to bake and we love to be healthy and that doesn’t always go hand in hand, thats why The English Bakery Co try to use low calorie recipes we’ve honed ourselves and provide nutritious alternatives and juices! We are even striving to make our full range gluten free!

We love trying new recipes and ideas so if there is something you’d like we don’t yet offer, let us know, you never know it could end up on our menu!

Our work and your love of our food is what drives us to make each and every day a better one than the last.  Creating new and exciting flavours and specials gives us a special feeling when we see how much our customers enjoy our products.

If you think we need to change the recipe or add something new then tell us and we’ll have a look what we can do 🙂

There is no excuse for cheap ingredients and thats why we only use the best here at The English Bakery Co sourcing as much as possible from the local farmers and growers.

You can taste the difference in our cakes, pies and pasties as we use quality products from sustainable sources. 

Our Amazing Team


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Manager Extraordinaire