Zesty Lemon Rooibos Tea

Zesty Lemon Rooibos

Combining lemon with this premium Rooibos herbal tea invigorates the natural Rooibos sweet taste. Zesty Lemon Rooibos Tea has both smoothness and the slightly tart citrus edge of lemons. Great hot or as an iced tea, try it with a slice of lemon and let your taste buds tingle!

INGREDIENTS:Luxury Rooibos, Calendula petals, Lemongrass and natural flavours.
ORIGIN:Cederberg, South Africa. Grown: 1500 – 2500ft above sea level
LEAVES:Choice Grade 1 Rooibos. Deep red leaves.
AROMA:Zesty lemon with a slight sweet note
COLOUR:Reddish orange to full red colour – depends on brewing time and quantity used.
TASTE:Smooth and slightly tart enhanced by natural lemon flavour
WELL BEING:Invigorating
FLAVOUR:Slightly Tart
FLAVOUR:Slightly Sweet
STRENGTH:Medium Bodied

Japan Sencha Green Tea

Japan Sencha Green

Enjoy the smooth, rich flavour of this premium, traditional Japanese Sencha. Commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, sencha leaves have a distinctive glossy look and feel that provide a rich and full flavour.

NGREDIENTS:Premium Sencha Green Tea
ORIGIN:Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Grown 200 – 1000ft above sea level
CAFFEINE:Approx 20mg per cup
LEAVES:Traditional Steamed, Pan Fried & Polished Sencha Green Leaves
AROMA:Fresh green tea bouquet
COLOUR:Pale yellow green
TASTE:Smooth with a reasonable depth and body
WELL BEING:Cleansing
STRENGTH:Light Bodied

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

This superb Earl Grey blend has taken many years to perfect and is the perfect combination of high grown Ceylon tea and a smooth top grade Keemun infused with top quality natural bergamot oil and some blue cornflowers for decoration. This produces a high quality classic that quite simply delivers an amazing ‘Earl Grey’ experience with no aftertaste or overpowering perfume.

INGREDIENTS:Luxury black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavoursORIGIN:Sri Lanka, ChinaCAFFEINE:Approx between 27- 35mg per cupLEAVES:Orthodox Orange Pekoe (OP)AROMA:Floral bouquet of Ceylon tea combined with a smooth Keemun and natural bergamot oil flavour notes.COLOUR:Bright and copperyTASTE:Floral and bergamot flavour notes with a touch of mild astringencyWELL BEING:RefreshingMENU GUIDE:PopularSTRENGTH:Full BodiedFLAVOUR:CitrusFLAVOUR:FloralCAFFEINE CONTENT:Moderate